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Chat Chat Documentation

What is this

This document contains information about Chat Chat, a platform for AI interactions aimed at facilitating conversations at a higher level using artificial intelligence. We provide quality service to our users and hope that they will provide quality feedback so that we can improve better.


Chat Chat is not a shell application, and it is FREE to use but requires an OpenAI API. Its goal is to improve user experience through various means by using AI to reconstruct user experience and generate responses using GPT, making interaction with AI easier. The platform plans to add more features in the future to collaborate with AI.


  • Chat with AI
  • Markdown support
  • PWA support
  • PDF reader
  • Act as a character
  • Help you coding
  • Self config (Advanced)
  • More are coming ...

How to use?


To use Chat Chat, one needs to have an OpenAI API Key, which can be obtained by registering on OpenAI, creating an API key, and entering the key in the settings on the Chat Chat website at



The platform can be accessed on desktop devices by visiting


The platform can be accessed on mobile devices by visiting It also supports PWA installation, which can be done by clicking the three dots on the browser or saving a bookmark to the home screen. If unsure about how to install PWA, please refer to this article for more information.

Privacy Policy

We understand that user privacy is a fundamental human right, and we will do our best to protect it. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed privacy policy rules and more information about all of our products.

Cookies are an essential component of our website, and we use them to provide a better user experience. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Twitter or email.